Pouya H.Kheyrani

Law graduate, Influencer & Web / Graphic designer

About me

Born in 1996 March5. Iran,Shiraz

In 2018, I graduated from Shiraz Islamic Azad University in the field of law. Before that, due to my interest in computers, I personally learned web design and graphics without going through training courses. I have a history of designing and implementing several projects for several well-known brands and I have created graphic designs for many individuals and companies. I also have administrative and management work experience in GLX (Generalluxe) company.

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Updated, Nov 11, 2023
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Sometimes I write and publish here.

Here you can download my notes and research. All files are in "PDF" format and are compatible with computers and mobile phones. This section is updated regularly. Please respect the copyright law and mention my name in the sources if you use my notes. Downloading files is free.

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Strategies to fight shyness(Oct 23 ,2018)

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Sep 23, 2016
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To order work, please send an email to pouya@kheyrani.ir

You can order a work for website design, graphic design, or any similar item. I always try to deliver the client's work as soon as possible and get their satisfaction. You can also contact me for legal advice.